Yoga Tree Is Looking For a New Owner

Dear Friends and Students of the Yoga Tree:

In 2006 Valerie Stone and Nancy Stechert opened the doors of the Hotchkiss Yoga Tree.  For the past sixteen years it has been a thriving and important part of the North Folk Community.  It has held numerous Teacher Trainings with students coming from many parts of the world including Japan, Singapore, New Caledonia, Germany, Brazil, Ecuador, and Mexico.

Workshops with inspiring international teachers and local teachers brought many students from all over the country.  Tibetan Monks from two different abbeys have blessed the center with dharma teachings and ceremonies.  And most important, daily regular classes with wonderful committed students have formed an amazing community.  With much gratitude, it has been my pleasure to teach and serve this community.

Now the Yoga Tree is going through a transition.  Valerie left long ago to pursue her nursing career and Nancy has moved to Montrose.  The Yoga Tree needs a new owner/manager, with a new vision and inspiration.

 It is a wonderful space with so many possibilities.  Currently there are 5 great teachers continuing to hold classes; Cindy Ziegler, Joanne Connington, Elise Wages, Talya Ring and Katy Goldsberry. Nancy is still teaching but would like to cut back, perhaps to one day a week or weekend workshops. 

Can the community now help us find the new owner/manager?  It could be a co-op or coalition or anyone with a sincere desire to make it better.  Please put the word out to everyone you know, near and far.   I’d like to form a small committee of interested people that could direct a search. Please email me and let me know your interest.

With Gratitude,

Nancy –