Maintaining a Spiritual Practice during times of Chaos and Change W/Trudy Welty

Our time together will be working in circle, meditation and practices to:

  • Clear ourselves of the unsettled energies from the world around us and learn how to maintain our energy more steadily and clear, daily.

  • Practices to Learn how to stop fighting with “WHAT IS’

  • Get ourselves back to our internal awareness of our true values, with loving and compassionate exercises.

  • Recharge for our whole being .

  • And reset our focus and commitment to move through life with more love and compassion for self and other.

  • And how to stay focused on what we truly bring to this world at this time.

Please bring, something to sit on. There are chairs but not necessarily comfortable.

A blanket, slippers or socks. There are yoga bolsters and matts available.

Water bottle. Your own lunch which can be eaten on the outside balcony.

Your open mind and heart to allow grace of new awarenesses and a willingness to be energetically supported and guided to be more solid in your being.

Sat. Jan. 22nd 9:30-4:00