Nancy @ Iyengar Yoga Center of Denver

July 28-30

Inward Journey: An Invitation to Introspection and Involution

“It is the inner quest for growth and evolution, or involution, that is the profound and transformational yogic journey that awaits the seeker after Truth.” ~BKS Iyengar

Can we withdraw inward and find the reality of life, the truth of yoga?

BKS Iyengar found life inside himself, in every cell of his body. His teachings lead us to the divine core inside us away from the outer world of perception.

Pose and repose. Work on finding stillness in the practice of asana, in the breath, and in the mind.

Fri 6-8pm Asana Practice
Retreat inside the IYCD studio to beat the summer heat and to retreat into your own inward journey.
Single session $40
Sat 9-11:30am Asana Practice
Still the fluctuations of the mind and discover the steadiness of Yoga.
Single session $50
Sun 9am-12pm Yoga in the Round
Integrate three limbs of yoga; incorporate the inner peace available through asana, pranayama, and meditation. Three 60-minute ’rounds’ — 20-minutes of guided asana, 20-minutes of pranayama, and 20 minutes of meditation in each rotation.
Single session $60

Entire Inward Journey workshop $180.  

Register online for the entire weekend.  Call 720-570-9642 for single session registration.

 Iyengar Yoga Center of Denver