Student Resources – Luciana Ross Workshops

You did the Jan and June 2017 workshop(s). YogaTree provides access to videos of selected workshop classes from Luciana’s participants.

Note:  Please be respectful of Luciana’s intellectual property. This work is the product of many years of research and development. It is intended for those who have attended her workshops.

To access the entire album of selected videos, click here and use the password that was provided to you in the email.

Luciana considers the first two lessons below the foundation and backbone of the work.

To access the lesson plans, simply provide the password for each lesson.

# 1

[content_protector password=”Y0gaTr33″ identifier=”Lesson1″ ajax=”true”]Protocol 1[/content_protector]

# 2

[content_protector password=”Y0gaTr33″ identifier=”Lesson2″ ajax=”true”] Protocol 2[/content_protector]

Do you need the password? If you attended the workshop, contact Rita at 970.921.6689 or email and put “Luciana” in the subject line.