About Us

Yoga Tree celebrates the body, mind and spirit through the eight limbs of yoga. Asana classes are taught in Iyengar and other traditions.

Massage is available at the studio.

Yoga Tree opened in September 2006. It is owned and operated by Nancy Stechert.

Nancy Crum Stechert began practicing yoga in 1976 in San Francisco. She holds a Senior Intermediate Level certificate in the Iyengar method. She made her first trip to India to study with the Iyengars in 1983. She continued to go almost every year until 1990, traveling to India every three years since then.

She founded the Colorado School
of Yoga
 in 1987 and the International Yoga Center of Tokyo in 1993. She taught in the Iyengar centers in San Francisco and New York
and served as an assessor for the the Iyengar certification process
for many years. She has served as president of IMIYA, a regional
Iyengar association, and was Treasurer of the national Iyengar Association in its beginning.

Nancy opened the Hotchiss Yoga Tree in 2006. She conducts Teacher Training classes at her studio in Colorado.

Cindy Ziegler has been practicing yoga for over 20 years; has been one of Nancy’s students since 2004; and completed her teacher training at the Yoga Tree in 2007.  She is also a massage therapist, offering therapeutic and Thai massage in Paonia and at the Yoga Tree.