Welcome to Yoga Tree

WE ARE OPEN!  Please bring your own props if you have them, a mask, a towel to cover your bolster and practice social distancing.  The studio has been cleaned, blankets and bolsters belts all washed. Looking forward to seeing everyone. If you or someone you are living with has compromising conditions, please be mindful about coming.

Sign Up:  As we can only have 15 students per class at this time, it is necessary to sign up ahead of time. Click on Class Schedule and find the link to sign up for the class you will attend. You will need to sign up each week.  We will work it out as we go. Thanks for understanding.

LUCIANA ROSS workshops videos. To access the album of Jan and June 2017 videos, click here and use the password Y0gaTr33 (the 0 is the number not the letter).To access the July 2018 album click here. Luciana teaches the first five classes and Nancy the last six due to Luciana’s emergency departure.

If the foundation is firm, the building can withstand calamities. The practice of yoga is the foundation, so that the self is not shaken under any circumstances.”
B.K.S. Iyengar
“When you start to take the spiritual warrior’s journey, you’re going to find that it’s often extremely inconvenient.”
Pema Chodron

Welcome to our yoga community in the North Fork Valley of Western Colorado.

Yoga Tree celebrates the body, mind and spirit through the eight limbs of yoga. Asana classes are taught in the IYENGAR tradition. Nancy Stechert, Senior Iyengar yoga instructor, is the owner of Yoga Tree.

Check our upcoming workshops, class offerings and class schedule. Find out more about our teachers, pricing & policies, teacher training and how to contact us.

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